Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Time to make a change.

Right guys, I am officially going to make a change in my life. Actually, I've already started making a change. As of last Saturday I am going to get myself healthy and in shape.

I recently got a bit of a kick up the backside to try to get into better shape, and also to get healthy. It was a guy that caused the kick up the backside, but I'm not actually doing for the guy. I'm doing it for me.

I've been unhappy with my figure for a while. I eat junk and don't exercise enough, and over the past year I ended up gaining over a stone. It has seriously effected my self esteem, which outwardly I haven't let show, but internally it has caused me to feel awful.

So, on Saturday I got myself a Fit Bit Charge 3, which I already love. I'm cutting out bread and pasta as much as possible, and cutting down on fizzy drinks, and only drinking sugar free ones when I do.

My start weight is 11 stone 5.

My aim is to have a 1000 calorie deficit per day as often as possible, eating around 1200 calories per day and exercising at least 30 minutes per day. So far it has been a 15 minute HIIT video on Amazon twice per day.

Now, the main reason that I'm posting this on my blog, is so that I am accountable to more than just myself. I'm going to post a before picture today, and then take a photo every couple of weeks in order to keep track of my weight loss journey.

As well as weight loss I'm hoping to improve my resting heart rate which is currently pretty high, and also increase my stamina as I currently get out of breath climbing up a couple of flights of stairs. I'm also hoping that with and improvement in my health will come an improvement in my skin (I also just started using a new exfoliater and cleanser which I will review shortly).

If anyone else is starting, or progressing on a weight loss journey and has any tips that they would like to share then that would be great.

Wish me luck!


  1. I have been looking at getting a fitbit, they are such a great way to keep track on how active you are x

  2. Good luck! I've heard that so many people really get on with the fitbit so I am sure it will be a great buy!

  3. Good luck on your journey! I've also got a Fitbit Charge 3 and I love mine.

  4. Good luck! You have the right mindset for sure. I try and make heather snacks and food every so often but it isn’t easy. Being prepared is key so you don’t head for that chocolate box

  5. Wish you loads of luck. It's not easy but if you can find the motivation to do it you should go for it!!! I have a fitbit and it can help encourage you to move more!!!

  6. Good Luck to you - I really need to do the same and lose some weight before the summer. Kaz

  7. Good look with it all! I've found using a fitbit really motivating.

  8. Best of luck with your fitness goals! It is tough but you can do it!

  9. I am sending you positive vibes and know you can do this, just make sure you do it for you

    Laura x

  10. I just kept thinking about how amazing it was to go from this place of utter shame and doubt and fear and loneliness. garbage bin