Thursday, 28 March 2019

Full Monty!!

So, last night I went to see Full Monty at Leeds Grand Theatre, and guys, it was absolutely amazing!

Now, I'll admit that I did have a couple of cocktails at a bar across the road before I went in, but even without that I would have been giggling for most of the show. Like the film it had it's sweet and heartfelt moments, but for the most part, the entire crowd was on the edge of their seats laughing.

I assume that most of you will already know what the Full Monty is about, but if not then you're definitely missing out. It's the story of a group of unemployed men from Sheffield trying to make some money for their various reasons, and deciding to do that by stripping.

It's actually about so much more than that really. A father trying to see his son, a husband who feels so unattractive that he can't have sex with his wife, a young guy struggling with his life, and an older man trying to provide his wife with the lifestyle that she's used to are just a couple of the stories running through it.

Honestly, on paper it actually sounds kind of depressing, but it's set in Sheffield, and in Yorkshire (and most of the north), the worse things are the more jokes we make. Which of course means that it is absolutely hilarious.

There are a few moments that stand out from the rest in my memory, I think the first is definitely at the end of the first half. If you've seen the film you'll remember the scene where they are interviewing dancers, and that there is one particularly well endowed member of the group. In the show, it was exactly the same, but when he pulls down his trousers rather than just seeing his (rather nice) bum and the reactions of the others, there was a hilariously large, what I can only assume was fake, penis. The whole audience was in hysterics.

My friend has told me that her favourite part was the dancing in the queue to sign on. It was her favourite scene in the film, and it worked really well on the stage.

And of course, the finale. Let's face it, the story is amazing, but every person in the crowd was just waiting for the boys to do their thing, and I speak for myself and my friend at the very least when I say that they definitely didn't disappoint. Gary Lucy recently posted on his Instagram that he's been earning from his bum since 1999, and based on last night, I can definitely see why.

The film translated really well on to the stage, which is no surprise since it was written by Simon Beaufoy who wrote the original screenplay. He did a fantastic job in adapting his work, but of course, just as in the film, none of it would have worked if it hadn't been for the natural Chemistry between the main cast. The relationship between Gaz and his son, between Gaz and Dave, between Lomper and Guy, and of course between all of the men is the glue which holds it all together.

Like I said, it was an amazing production, and although it isn't the most high brow theatre, it was still fantastic. And since I'm a Yorkshire lass myself its a film that I've always loved, so seeing it on stage was something pretty special.

I would most definitely recommend it to everyone and anyone, and I'd go and see it again if I could.


  1. It sounds like you had an awesome evening and hey what a way to kick it off with a few delicious looking cocktails.

  2. I was gutted to have missed this when it came to Norwich, it sounds like you had an amazing evening

  3. I really enjoyed this film, even though it's not my normal genre. Sounds like the theatre production was just as good!

  4. I bet it's amazing on stage, what a great trip out, I would love to see it!

  5. Oh wow I bet that was a real laugh, would love to see this live on stage as I really enjoyed the film.

    Laura x