Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Merry Christmas - Christmas Bundle Giveaway!!!

Well guys, I was a bit useless with blogger through October and the beginning of November, I started a new job, so all the amazing plans I had for blogging every day went out the window, and I didn't get to watch all the films I wanted to watch. I did do my giveaway of course and congratulations to the winner Sam Cornford. My Halloween costume also changed, but he it is for you guys to see.
Me as a harlequin and my friend Cheryl as a zombie bride
So, I'm not going to make any big promises on my blog for the festive period, although given that I've already finished pretty much all of my Christmas shopping, I'm feeling pretty organised so I intend to get my blog back in order, not to mention I have a Comic Con at the beginning of December that I will need to tell you all about.

Right then, down to business.

Since the festive season is upon us (I don't care that it isn't December yet for any of you naysayers who think it's too early), that means it's time for another giveaway. Now this one is slightly different because rather than there just being one prize, because it's the season of giving, I'm going to be giving away 3 prizes.

The main prize will contain at least 1 Nightmare Before Christmas item, a family friendly Christmas DVD, a Christmas stocking, Christmas crafts, and sweets. The 2 smaller bundles will contain a family friendly DVD, Christmas crafts, and sweets.

It's open now, and will run until the 18th December so that I can get the bundles out before Christmas, I will send them 1st class recorded to make sure that everyone gets them on time. Entry is at the bottom of this post.

If anyone has any festive themed blogs or reviews that they would like to see then feel free to comment and let me know. Best of luck guys and a very merry Christmas to you.

Christmas Bundle Giveaway!!!


  1. Oh wow! The perfect prize for the run up to Christmas 0 fingers crossed :)

  2. What a great prize for those with kids. I hope your job is going well!

  3. These are lovely prizes - it is never to early to start the Christmas celebrations! Kaz

  4. What fabulous festive prizes! I'm definitely getting into the Christmas spirit this year!

  5. Aw this is great stuff! what a fab Christmas gift away to get you feeling all festive xx

  6. I think this giveaway is a lovely idea, particularly the family friendly christmas movie, perfect for a cold winters' night!

  7. What a fun giveaway idea - am I the only one not feeling festive yet?

  8. what a lovely prize, lovely selection