Sunday, 30 September 2018

Halloween Giveaway!!

Right guys, as promised this is the first post of my Halloween month and my giveaway is officially started. Unfortunately I don't actually have a photo of the bundle, however, just to say that it will at the very least include a copy of The Melancholy Death of Oyster and Other Stories, plenty of Halloween sweets, and of course plenty of cool decorations including a fake skull, and quite possibly some sort of crafts.
So, as I previously said, I will be watching a scary film everyday this month and reviewing all of them for you guys, and here is the list of films that I will be watching, in no particular order (although I do think I'll save Halloween for actual Halloween night).
1 - Halloween 1 and 2 (a double feature on Halloween night)
2 - Scream (possibly the trilogy)
3 - Friday 13th part 1 and 2 (another double feature)
4 - The Exorcist
5 - The Conjuring
6 - The Babadook
7 - The Shining
8 - It Follows
9 - The Blair Witch Project
10 - Nightmare on Elm Street
11 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
12 - Insidious
13 - The VVitch
14 - Psycho
15 - Hellraiser
16 - Poltergeist
17 - It
18 - Saw
19 - The Omen
20 - Silence of the Lambs
21 - The Grudge
22 - The Quiet Place
23 - Paranormal Activity
24 - Misery
25 - Don't Breathe
26 - Carrie
27 - Rosemary's Baby
28 - Child's Play
29 - The Evil Dead
30 - 10 Cloverfield Lane
31 - The Pit and the Pendulum

Hopefully I won't scare the pants off of myself too much. Halloween Bundle Giveaway


  1. I haven't seen any of these films, I'm not really a horror fan but I'll have to give a couple of them a go.

  2. My goodness you are committed to Halloween, I'm afraid I don't celerbate it and horror movies scare me witless, so I never watch them! Mich x

  3. What a fantastic Halloween giveaway! You've chosen a great selection of horror movies to watch

  4. I think I've probably seen about 25 of these films. I watched the new version of It fairly recently and really enjoyed it

  5. I am too chicken to watch anything scary but I tried the seeing the exorcist and as expected couldn't sleep

  6. What a big giveaway! I love watching scary movies, they are definitely my favourite kind.

  7. Angela Ricardo Bethea2 October 2018 at 23:30

    Wow! that is really a fun Halloween giveaway.I love watching Horror movie and this looks perfect.

  8. Halloween is my fave time of the year,i have o agree with you the original Halloween is my all time fave Halloween Horror Film,can't wait for the new omne x

  9. Fabulous Halloween giveaway!! Fingers crossed everybody πŸŽƒ πŸ‘»

  10. Oh wow fantastic list!!
    I love Halloween and scary movies! How exciting.
    This Halloween prize bundle sounds wonderful, Have a Happy one :)

  11. Wow this would be amazing!!

  12. I love love lvoe halloween these goodies would get lots of use in this house

  13. what a brill giveaway, i love halloween!

  14. Margaret Clarkson
    I've seen 19 of these films and I would like to see A Quiet Place. I hope you enjoy them all. Thank you for running a great Halloween giveaway.

  15. That bundle sounds amazing! We LOVE Halloween in our house. It's my favourite celebration of the year.

  16. Cannot beat a cosy night with my wife watching a classic horror..

  17. I have definitely seen at least half of these, and I'd like to watch the other half! Its a great list! Have fun!!

  18. What a fantastic Halloween giveaway!

  19. Brilliant. I am not a fan of horror movies. They give me nightmares. But you seem to really love it :) Great giveaway though

  20. Sounds great love a good scare sesh

  21. Me and my boys love Halloween so this would be amazing to win for them, thanks so much for the chance

  22. Love to Win this Amazing giveaway, Thanks for the chance x

  23. WπŸ’›W!!
    Here's hoping it's my lucky day. 🀞😊⭐πŸ’«Thank you for the chance to enter, its really fantastic to see such be over the moon to won I'm a huge horror fan.

  24. That's a great movie selection! Nothing better than curling up on Halloween with a scary movie.

    1. Wow great movies, love Halloween! One of my favourite times of year

  25. Michelle Ferguson16 October 2018 at 08:16

    I love a good horror film, seen most on the list

  26. Wow this is a brilliant bundle for an horror movie fan

  27. I used to be a huge horrors fan, but haven't watched any in a while.
    Some great movies on that list