Saturday, 11 August 2018

Blog Tour: Future Movers - The Series

Five Futuristic Romances

For three generations the genetically altered Corban family have hid their talents from the Defence Department to avoid conscription.

Genetically altered at conception, William and Belinda begin this saga and pass their genetic cocktail to their children. The mixture of talents each character develops can at times be a blessing and, at other times a curse, preventing them from giving into their heart's desire. Intelligent, multi-talented, yet pretending to be boringly normal these characters continue to live their lives under the radar.

Follow the family's trials, loves, and achievements in this thrilling series of paranormal romances.
Well, due to the fact that it is the summer holidays and I've been busy keeping my kids entertained, I haven't been able to read the entire series yet. Although based on what I have read so far I most definitely will.

Despite the last book being the most recent, I decided to start at the beginning rather than just read the latest one for the blog tour, and so far I'm very glad that I did.

Just the prologue had me intrigued, in fact I'd go as far as to say that the 7 year old versions of the characters actually made me preemptively love their older counterparts, and that was before I even started the chapter one.

The premise behind the books is a great idea, children hiding their gifts in order to escape and live normal lives, and then going on to become a romance.

The main characters of Wills and Belinda are charming so far, and their first encounter was a perfect example of a 'meet cute'.

I definitely can't wait to continue with this series and see what other characters and romances I am yet to discover. I may add another review to my blog once I complete the series, although as always I will attempt to keep it spoiler free.
Author Bio:

I write futuristic and fantasy fiction, spiced with romance and adventure. This allows my imagination to run free, to create interesting characters caught in unusual circumstances and events. Sometimes I have the pleasure of watching science and technology catch up with my imagination.

I also write Young Adult, short stories and flash fiction; articles on writing and I am published in these genres. I self-published a children's rhyming book and once won a prize for a short screen script.

I'm a published poet and I endeavour to put my poetry skills into my fiction writing to enhance the word pictures I create.

I live in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand which lives up to it's name. I belong to the Romance Writers of N.Z., Tauranga Writers, and Spec.Fic.NZ (speculative fiction NZ).

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