Sunday, 11 November 2018

Get into the Christmas spirit with the Hepworth

So, it's coming up to that time time of year, Christmas, and with Christmas comes Christmas party season.

Now I know some of you might complain that it is only November and you don't want to think about Christmas yet, however; when booking your work Christmas party (or any Christmas party for that matter) the earlier the better since you don't want all of the best places to be booked by the time you finally think it's acceptable to get in the festive spirit.

With that in mind, a slightly unexpected, but amazing place to hold a Christmas party is The Hepworth Wakefield. It might seem like a slightly unconventional place to hold a Christmas celebration, but a four course meal, drink upon arrival and some great entertainment, it is excellent value at £45 per person.

It's a beautiful place, full of wonderful artwork that you can look at while you mingle (and that in itself offers a great in-built topic of conversation for anyone who isn't great at smalltalk). And then after drinks and dinner you can dance and just enjoy the evening.

It will certainly make a change from a daytime party in the office, or after work drinks at the local pub with a few sandwiches and sausage rolls.

A Christmas party at the Hepworth includes:

- A celebratory drink upon arrival
- A four course festive dinner
- DJ entertainment
- A chill out lounge

It costs £45 per person.

Dates available are - Friday 7th December
                               - Saturday 8th December
                               - Friday 14th December
                               - Saturday 15th December

Other dates are available for private/exclusive bookings.
They can accommodate smaller office groups to larger organisations and companies.

How to book
Phone: 01924 247362

*Image is from Blog Up North
*Full disclosure, this post is written in return for an evening at The Hepworth, however all opinions expressed are my own.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Halloween Giveaway!!

Right guys, as promised this is the first post of my Halloween month and my giveaway is officially started. Unfortunately I don't actually have a photo of the bundle, however, just to say that it will at the very least include a copy of The Melancholy Death of Oyster and Other Stories, plenty of Halloween sweets, and of course plenty of cool decorations including a fake skull, and quite possibly some sort of crafts.
So, as I previously said, I will be watching a scary film everyday this month and reviewing all of them for you guys, and here is the list of films that I will be watching, in no particular order (although I do think I'll save Halloween for actual Halloween night).
1 - Halloween 1 and 2 (a double feature on Halloween night)
2 - Scream (possibly the trilogy)
3 - Friday 13th part 1 and 2 (another double feature)
4 - The Exorcist
5 - The Conjuring
6 - The Babadook
7 - The Shining
8 - It Follows
9 - The Blair Witch Project
10 - Nightmare on Elm Street
11 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
12 - Insidious
13 - The VVitch
14 - Psycho
15 - Hellraiser
16 - Poltergeist
17 - It
18 - Saw
19 - The Omen
20 - Silence of the Lambs
21 - The Grudge
22 - The Quiet Place
23 - Paranormal Activity
24 - Misery
25 - Don't Breathe
26 - Carrie
27 - Rosemary's Baby
28 - Child's Play
29 - The Evil Dead
30 - 10 Cloverfield Lane
31 - The Pit and the Pendulum

Hopefully I won't scare the pants off of myself too much. Halloween Bundle Giveaway

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Six Weeks to Halloween!!

Well guys, we are officially coming up to my favourite time of year. I absolutely love autumn. There are 6 weeks to Halloween and then once Halloween is over it will be Christmas in my house. They are my 2 favourite holidays so I'm very very excited.

Since we are now in the run up to Halloween I thought that this would be a good opportunity to show you all some of my cosplays from the past few years since you already saw the one from this year, plus I'll tell you all about my Halloween plans.

So, first, the cosplay photos. Enjoy.
LFCC 2015

LFCC 2016

Ultra Con

LFCC 2017

LFCC 2018
Right, well now that you've seen those, it's on to the Halloween section of this post. I have 3 things to tell you all, and one request.

Firstly I thought I'd let you all know that my Halloween costume this year is going to be a ghost bride. I plan to wear a wedding dress and veil, paint myself white, with a really long white wig, white make up with dramatic eyes, white contact lenses, and a black bouquet. Hopefully it will look awesome for the party that I'm going to. If anyone has any tips on contouring on white face paint in order to make it look more dramatic then that would be awesome.

The second thing to tell you which leads in to the request is that throughout October I plan to watch one horror film everyday and then review them all on my blog for you guys. Not necessarily every day, some might be 3 days of films in one blog post depending on how much time I have. The request is that I would love it if you guys could comment with film suggestions for me to watch, and I will compile a list.

And finally, on the 30th September I will be doing a blog to list all of the films I will be watching, but also on that day I will be starting a giveaway running until the week before Halloween, to win a little bundle of themed goodies. So keep an eye on the blog to see what the prize will be and to enter.

And now for one last photo, this was the first costume I ever put together myself, it was about 10 years ago, but I was really proud of it at the time.